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Gear Driven Cup-Plate Mounted Portable Mixers - Specifications
Cheap-Stir Clamp Mount & Cup Plate {Bolt-on} Swivel Mounted Arrangements.

Cup Plate Mount: Heavy Duty Gear Driven Portable MixersCheap-Stir Mixers manufactures heavy duty gear driven swivel mounted cup plate portable mixers.  We also have numerous other open and closed tank (hermetically seals and pressurized} mixer design mounting options available.  Please reference our mixer specifications and pricing matrix below.  

Today's heavy duty gear driven swivel mounted cup plate portable mixing applications demand durable process equipment accompanied by total support for your mixing needs.  We offer a complete line portable mixers.   We provide superior materials of construction throughout to give each mixer the strength & reliability that ensures the performance to the standards of each Industrial Portable Mixer design.   

Heavy Duty Gear Driven Fixed Plate or Angle Riser Mounted Portable Mixers
Cup Plate Mount: Heavy Duty Gear Driven Portable Mixers
Mixer Selections (Sizing): Viscosity vs. Tank Volume, etc.

Model AQG is our heavy duty gear driven top entering open tank swivel mounted mixer.  Model AQG features heavy gage high strength cast aluminum housing with oversized bearings.   Our heavy duty C-Clamp assembly, for mounting to a suitable vertical support structure, or "bolt-on" cup-plate, for mounting to a suitable horizontal support structure, is constructed of heavy gage aluminum, which allow 90o vertical and 360o of horizontal adjustment.  Model AQG features a 98% efficient high strength (4140 steel) single helical 5:1 gear reduction.  Please note that our gear reduction is not made from inefficient "soft wear" worm gearing, is not a low quality planetary gear, nor is our design adapted to a inexpensive gear motor design.  Motor options include both single and three phase TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled), XP (Explosion Proof), intrinsically safe variable speed Air Motors and variable speed motor options.   The solid one-piece output shaft is precision aligned with the housing, bearings, and gearing to minimize shaft deflection and enable ease of installation.  Please note that non-aligning, non-concentric split couplings are not used.  All wetted parts will be constructed of 316L {Low Carbon) Stainless Steel with 316SS hardware.  Each mixer will be Manufactured in USA and will be built with pride and dedication. 


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